Intimate River Elopement

When Lisa Fisher approached me and said she want to do an Intimate River Elopement, I was very excited. When she described the venue to me, I was even more excited, some might say frothing at the mouth! The Mohaka River is breathe taking and planning an Elopement on the Rivers bed is a dream come true!

Right away Lisa just said do your thing, She was thinking something Boho, which I loved but I knew it needed a Modern flair and a touch of glam if it was going to truly showcase what Hawkes Bay has to offer.

Once I knew there were large River stones, I knew we needed to incorporate earthy tones somehow and lots of textures. After chatting with Toni the florist and getting a feel for the beautiful florals she had in store, lots of sequels of delight for those incredible Orange Roses! I was able to draw Inspiration from all those elements and finally had a vision in mind.

The Ceremony

The Ceremony was very Simple, Nothing screams romance like a Ceremony right on the river bed, so close you could touch the water - Plus the lush autumn hues in the background were the perfect backdrop. I chose to use our Brass Gold Mesh Pillars. This added in the modern touch with hints of Brass gold hues for a Lux feel and then finished off with a Boho Rug and pillar candles. We had to be realistic, No one would drag an Arch out there.

The Dress - Boho Bridal Design

The Dress, Oh my what a master piece and the absolute essence of true Boho Chic. You will find this Dress at Boho Bridal Designs.

For our Grooms suit, I chose a Cream / Tan colored suit, tried to steer away from the ever popular navy and boy did the choice pay off.

The Bouquet - Magdalen Hill

The Bouquet... Toni (Magdalen Hill) absolutely knocked it out the ball park with this Beauty! the modern, Light yet still full, pop of bright color with hints of earthy hues and textures was just breathe taking!!!!

Our Model Jules sitting here on one of our Mustard Wing Backs with the River behind here.

The Intimate Reception

Just because you choose to Elope does not mean one can not have an Intimate Reception. A romantic setting for you and your lover to just take in the moment and celebrate. So we made sure to include a table setting.

I wanted to create a setting that felt Romantic, yet lush but still keep with the Natural elements surrounding us, such as the stones, earthy Autumn hues and then add in lots of ceramics and textures too. The mix of the Linen, Muslin Napkins and ceramic decor with the hint of Brass cutlery was a match made in heaven and Toni's florals were the icing on the cake. So many gorgeous bits to play with and overlap.

Its all in the details... I used earthy stoned, yet understated taper holders, I wanted there to be candles on the table but I didn't want it to distract from the main feature like the ceramics and florals. I chose to use our green goblets for a subtle hint of earthy greens and also took along some Forrest muslin napkins for more texture.

The Cake and Treats... because what is a Wedding (Even an Elopement) without cake. This beauty was created by none other than Jacinda from at Pretty Little Details.

She absolutely nailed it with its simplicity, hints of textures and floral magic on top.

She also provided Mini Marshmallows and meringues and I can personally vouch for the fact these were scummy!!!! and perfect to play around with for extra texture.

The Accessories, boots essential for location, no heels here... The Jacket because leather attire will always be a winner and the gorgeous Boho head piece supplied by The Foundry and Co.

Hair was wispy with a slight curl for some texture by Rachel Harworth.

Make up was beautifully done by Candice Dear.

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